Landlords and Managers

We make laundry services easier for Landlords and Managers

Sparkle Solutions has one mandate: To provide better laundry services to property owners and managers of large-scale facilities.

Our goal is to provide you with laundry solutions which:

  • Help you reduce operating costs
  • Help you maximize laundry-related revenue
  • Provide the detailed reporting you need to deliver the best experience to your residents
  • Use the latest technology and equipment to maximize efficiency and reduce downtime
  • You can rely on to operate seamlessly

A transparent audit system means better revenue sharing

Clients tell us that our innovative, transparent revenue-sharing model is one of the key reasons they chose Sparkle.

Whether you choose to have us manage your existing coin-operated machines, install and manage VAC (Value-Add Centres) with traditional card-reading systems, or install and manage our exclusive WCS (Wireless Card System), you’ll find Sparkle is a reliable and trustworthy laundry service provider.

Looking for energy savings?

We can assess your facilities and make recommendations that will drive energy savings – you save money and your residents feel good about living in a building that is environmentally conscious!