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Salons & Spas

Commercial Clothes Washers and Dryers for Salons and Spas

By replacing top-load commercial washers with Continental’s Energy Star-rated E-Series Commercial Washer-Extractors, spas and beauty salons consume less water and gas, complete laundry in less time and cut labour expense. It just makes sense.

  • Energy Star-qualified E-Series Commercial Washer-Extractor

    Saving water, electricity and gas has never been more critical. The 20-pound capacity E-series Commercial Washer uses nearly 57 percent less water than some top-load machines — saving approximately 25 gallons of water per load. In turn, sewer and water heating costs are significantly reduced.

  • Freestanding Design

    The E-Series Commercial Washer Extractor offers a freestanding design that fits easily into spots previously occupied by water-guzzling toploads. No bolts or concrete foundations are needed, allowing for quick, inexpensive and easy installation. When space is at a minimum, E-Series Commercial Washer Extractors still fit in!

  • 300 G-force Extraction Cuts Utilities & Improves Productivity

    Its soft-mount design and durable construction allow high-speed extraction of 300 G-force. As a result, the E-Series Commercial Washer Extractor can ultimately cut dry time by up to 50 percent over some top-load washers. By removing more water from each load, you boost production and cut labour.

  • Automatic Chemical Injection

    Aurora’s automatic chemical injection simplifies and quickens the wash process. Through the consistency of automatic chemical injection, the E-Series commercial washer extractor provides high-quality wash results every time, no matter who does the laundry. You'll also use considerably less detergent. Just load and go!

  • Highly Programmable Controls

    The E-Series Commercial Washer's programmable controls are key to delivering superior cleaning performance and enhanced laundry productivity. The user-friendly control can be customized to properly wash nearly anything—towels, mop heads and sheets!

  • When you Need More Capacity Go with Pro-Series!

    For Salons and Spas in need of a commercial washer with higher basket capacity, turn to a Pro-Series. These frontload commercial washers offer similar benefits in terms of both extract and efficiency, but come in a variety of robust sizes!

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