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The only laundry service provider providing online, real-time data for every unit

Card-reading systems are a big improvement over coin-based machines, but provided only limited data on usage, revenue per unit or building, and other data that helps property owners and managers maximize laundry services revenue while keeping costs down.

Using the Wireless Card System is similar to traditional card-reading solutions (resident loads a card with a dollar amount, then simply waves the card by the reader each time s/he uses a machine), but uses wireless and internet technologies to provide system access, detailed data, and online access to real-time data.


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Monitor and control facilities anytime, anywhere

When you log in to your property owner/manager account, you'll see real-time data on all aspects of your laundry facilities, including:

  • Advanced price control: The system allows you to control price based on time of day, so you can offer price incentives for machine usage in off-peak times.
  • Operating status: An out-of-service machine means lost revenue. The WCS lets you know when a machine is down, so you can rectify the problem as soon as it arises. (The system can even email you if machine health declines!)
  • Accounting data: Detailed data, properly formatted and downloadable, means you can easily integrate it into your existing accounting system
  • Unit tracking: You'll know which units have loaded their cards, which ones have used them, and how much each unit is spending on laundry
  • Utility benefits: If your local utilities provider charges more during peak periods, you can price machines accordingly.
  • Real-time data: The minute a resident uses a card to run a load of laundry, it'll show up in your online statistics - you don't have to wait for monthly or quarterly reports.

Backed by Mitech Integrated Systems and unique in North America

We've partnered with MiTech to develop this cutting-edge solution - and we're the only laundry services provider offering it in North America.  


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