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Sparkle's Service Shines!

Published : Thursday, June 09, 2011

 Sparkle's Customer Testimonial:

        "I would like to send a “Thank You” for your Technician’s help today. Upon going to get my laundry out of machine I found that the clothes were still soaking wet, apparently the “spin” cycle didn’t spin. Your man, I believe his name is Howard, was here & had a dryer pulled apart. I “complained” to him & he stopped what he was doing & found/fixed the problem & put it through a spin cycle for me. Then when I went to put my clothes into the only available dryer-the door was broken. He attempted to fix the problem with that machine & took a machine that was “out of service” & I was then able to use it.

      I would like to commend this gentleman for his kindness & professionalism during what can only be described as “a Monday”. I was laid off last week after 14 yrs & can’t afford to throw money away. It’s really nice to know that some company’s hire personnel as wonderful as this man, who put the customer first."

"Once again thank you for hiring such a "customer first" person.  People (& employers) like him are few & far between."

J.R. - Scarborough



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